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Italian Tuning: LEXUS STYLE LIGHTS Lexus lights will make any car stand out from the rest.Lexus lights are named after the famous lexus car that first dawned the lexus light style.For any serious car modifing enthusiast, lexus lights must be fitted. As far as fitting lexus lights it could not be easier, Normally fitted in 5 - 10 minutes they are usually one of the first items that mest be modified. Lexus lights are available for the following list of cars:- Volkswagen lexus style tail lights Volkswagen lexus style tail lights Citroen lexus style tail lights Volkswagen lexus style tail lights Ford lexus style tail lights Honda lexus style tail lights Mazda lexus style tail lights Mercedes lexus style tail lights Mini lexus style tail lights Mitsubishi lexus style tail lights Volkswagen lexus style tail lights Rover lexus style tail lights Renault lexus style tail lights Volkswagen lexus style tail lights Subaru lexus style tail lights Toyota lexus style tail lights Vauxhall lexus style tail lights Volkswagen lexus style tail lights Click on the manufacturer below to view our lexus lights .

The key to our success lies in our continued investment, attention for quality or our car performance parts, coupled with our experienced staff, skilled in car tuning, testing and assembling engine tuning kit parts,Volkswagen Lexus Lights, magnecor silicon spark cables, ignition cables, Powerflex suspension bushes, Volkswagen Lexus Lights, Alcon clutches and Alcon discs.

Volkswagen Lexus Lights
From the smallest accessory to highest-grade components for performance tuning, Italian Tuning offers the widest choice, quality afterservice and superb fulfilments.

VW BETTLE LEXUS TAILLIGHTS NEW VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE TAILLIGHTS lexus DESIGN Normal Retail € 149.99 Price: € 105.00 (inc. VAT) VW23L68 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK3 CLEAR DESIGN JEWEL TAILLIGHTS Price: € 155.00 (inc. VAT) VW23L69 VW GOLF MK3 LEXUS STYLE TAILIGHTS Price: € 155.00 (inc. VAT) VW23L67 VW GOLF MK3 SUPER SMOKEWD JEWEL TAILIGHTS Price: € 155.00 (inc. VAT) quality lexus tail lights VW Golf MK4 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK4 LEXUS REAR LIGHTS Top Quality Normal Retail €179.00 Price: € 110.00 (inc. VAT) B2-201 Volkswagen Beetle - new taillights in Lexus design HIGH QUALITY LEXUS STYLE TAIL LIGHTS Price: € 185.00 (inc. VAT) T1-210 Volkswagen Beetle taillights in Black-design Volkswagen Beetle (Year: 72- ) - Tail Lights Price: € 95.00 (inc. VAT) T1-220 Volkswagen Beetle taillights in Red design T1-220 Volkswagen Beetle taillights in Red Price: € 95.00 (inc. VAT) A1-200 Volkswagen Golf 1.1 taillights in Clear design Volkswagen Golf 1.1 (Year: -80 ) - Tail Lights Price: € 125.00 (inc. VAT) A1-201 Volkswagen Golf 1.2 taillights in Clear design Volkswagen Golf 1.2 (Year: 80-83 ) Price: € 125.00 (inc. VAT)


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Order your Advanced Import Tuning Body Kit now, and hit the streets in style without compromise. Free Shipping Excludes Body Kits, Hoods, Wheels, Tires. Volkswagen MKV Golf Body Kits and Tuning. While "Dress Up" body kits concentrate on appearance, Italian Tuning Parts are designed and manufactured with performance in mind.
BODYKITS & SPOILERS FROM TOP STYLING AND TUNING HOUSES. ... 150 Designer Styling and Body Kits - 150 More Spoilers - Sideskirts - DTM Spoilers.
Car Tuning/Styling Directory, Aero Body Kits & Accessories. Accolade Aero Design, APR Performance, Auto Style. Cadamuro Design, Cardox, Caractere

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 EPROM engine tuning, cars, clothing, OMP, SPARCO, engine performance kits, RT Engine Performance Kit Text & photos courtesy RT 10-04-2004. M3 Engine Performance Kit. ... M5 Engine Performance Kit.

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Estimate the Horsepower gain from adding Blower Pressure. Enter Blower Pressure in PSI: Enter Present Engine HorsePower: Estimated -- New HP:

Rated at a 10 to 14 horsepower gain by DC (depending on the engine model), it is 50 state-legal and has all the proper.

European GTi Grind" 8 to 10 horsepower gain. Good idle. Cam Set for 16V VWs, Techtonics 16v 214 Cam Set WITH chain gears 12 horsepower gain.

Average Horsepower Improvement: 0 to 10 horsepower. Great Horsepower Improvement: 5 to 40 horsepower 
 Quicker acceleration Quicker response to throttle Better fuel economy Easier starting Cleaner emission Everything is included to increase the peak spark power of your current ignition system over 500 times

UP TO 20% More Power - 7/8% Less Fuel Consuption - Much Cleaner Exhaust Emissions - Super Durable Kit - Promotional Price, auto tuning parts  improvement in Torque and Acceleration

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 Increase 10 Horsepower on Citroen Saxo VTS with installation of the VIPER
Pipercross Viper uses Velocity air Force to deliver smooth cold air directly, into engine.Utilising cold air feed sealed deirectly onto the inlet of the vipers carbon fibre inlet.Bonded directly onto the carbonfibre heat shield is a 150mm polished alloy ram pipe,as used by WRC contsructors to maximise laminar air flow. Now on sale at Italian Tuning

 Ultra Power Kit for Volkswagen Mini, Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Renault Clio, ricambi rally

Italian Tuning 24/7 Webshop sells quality Tuning and Styling items (Bodykits, Sideskirts, Spoilers, Californian Lexus Style Lights, Interior Decor Kits, Sports Exhausts, Lowering Springs, Silicon Pipes and more) from styling houses like Postert, ASD, Hofele, Hormann, and Carcept

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Italian Tuning has over 1 million performance parts for cars and trucks, available on-line. Lowest prices and best tech advice since 1980. Secure ordering accepting all major credit cards. Buy Import Performance Parts - discount prices! ... Import Performance Parts We offer thousands of high performance engine & race parts for your Import!

Volkswagen PARTS, PORSCHE PARTS, PERFORMANCE PARTS, AUTO ACCESSORIES. aluminum wheel spacers, click here to search for discount performance parts and accessories at Italian Tuning Performance Parts and get free shipping.

CAR TUNING, STYLING & PERFORMANCE SITE. Welcome to the car tuning, styling and performance site with photos from modified car shows. All items in this e-commerce site have been race-tested and are suitable for road use. We are the producers of high grade aluminum spares and ergal spares seen in most car shows. Check our reseller list or buy online. Check inside for TrimLine, Interieur, Interieur, Carpartstuning Holland, Conrero, interieur styling, Foliatech, Intech Design, Interior Car Tuning, Alessio, OZ-Racing, Toora, Sparco, OMP and Sabelt special offfers. Everything from Ricambi Tuning 

offer from € 121.50
Ecotek retroboost kit
From Formula 1 more power and fuel savings
offer from € 124.20
RT Cool Blow-off valve
Shortens your turbo response times. Exclusive look.
offer from € 45.22
Set of Ferodo Racing Brakepads - Special Offer
High performance and reliability
offer from € 253.30
Viper Air Induction Kit
Wild looks and great performance

Ligthed exhaust blowpipe by Protype
from € 37.80
Lexus type Rear Lights
from € 98.00
Pipercross Performance Air Filters
from € 38.70
Wheel Spacers Racing Kit
from € 61.29



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